Support of autoparts online stores

It is important not only to create an online auto parts store, but also the technical support to be available during the store operation. This page details the terms and price of technical support for sites powered by the Docpart Platform.

Components of online auto parts stores that may require technical support

Some of online auto parts store components that may require specialists maintenance care from time to time are listed below:

  • server hardware that hosts the site
  • network hardware
  • server software (operating system and application server software)
  • website CMS (in our case, this is just the Docpart Platform)
  • connecting the site to various third-party services (API of auto parts suppliers, payment systems, cash registers, auto parts catalogs, accounting programs, etc.)

Basics of Docpart technical support

The first thing we pay attention to is that you do not have to pay a subscription fee for the service. I.e. by creating your site on the Docpart platform, you pay a one-time fee for a users perpertual license. We do not require any regular payments like "subscription fee", "for maintaining the site" or some other way to constantly get money from the client.

An online auto parts store is a very complicated stuff from a technical point of view, more complicated than many other types of websites, and it may need specialists support from time to time.

Therefore, when you want, you can contact us for advice, technical support, debugging, customization, individual improvements and other work related to your website. And we are ready to provide you with such services.

Providing such services, the working time of our specialists is spent. Therefore, below we have given the conditions under which we provide technical support services for your sites.

The procedure for technical support services providing for auto parts online stores powered by Docpart Platform

The first month after your website created, we provide technical support for free within the scope of the list of works specified in Table 1 (see below).

Since the second month after your website created, we perform any works only on a paid basis. At the same time, we want to emphasize once again that we do not require any regular subscription fee "for service". You just pay for performed technical support work only if you order the services by youself. Thus we don't do any paid work without a client's request.

How to contact technical support

All our clients requests for technical support services are accepted only through the helpdesk (this is our website for accounting and managing client requests).

Each customer request has a current status and issue history. Thanks to the orderly and systematized processing of our clients requests, no one of them remains unanswered.

Sending of the requests to technical support will be available for you right after your website created.

Having received from you another request for technical support service, our specialist will carefully review the request and indicate the cost of work for you.

Creating of the request in our helpdesk is for free. Only our work is paid if you will accept the price.

Moreover, the execution of work by our specialist on your request will begin, only after receiving your consent with the price. If the price indicated by our specialist for carrying out the work on the request does not suit you, the request is considered inconsistent and work on it is not subject to execution.

Once you have agreed to a price for a specific request, its price is not subject to change. I.e. the final cost for the request work is determined before starting the work. Thus, you can be sure that you will not be billed more than what was originally indicated before starting work.

Docpart technical support working hours

All work is carried out during business hours.

The response time to the request is from 1 minute and depends on the current workload of our specialists. If the request is sent by you before the end of the working day, then the answer to it will be received on the same working day.

On the website of our helpdesk you can find recommendations for optimizing work with the requests, i.e. how to write a request correctly so that your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

The cost of technical support for auto parts online stores

The scope of technical support services is measured in working hours. Working hours are paid at the rate indicated on this page below - in the appropriate column.

Table 2 shows the number of working hours for standard tasks. It is clear that the work carried out on a particular site can be very different, and it is not possible to indicate their entire list in this table. Therefore, the amount of non-standard work not listed in Table 2 can be estimated for you personally by our specialists, taking into account the extensive experience of the tasks they have already solved.

Table 1 is a list of works that are performed for free upon receipt of the requests for these works within the first month after your website created.

Work type
1 Debugging a connection to a supplier's API (a supplier from our list) if you can't connect it
2 Setting up a site connection to an Internet acquiring system to receive payments (a system from our list)
3 Help with uploading price lists in Excel format (if you tried it yourself and "something not working")
4 Consultations on all platform functions
5 Requests for connecting e-mail to the site for sending notifications from the site (on orders, changing order statuses, etc.)
6 Help with connecting to the website of sms-operators from our list
7 Installing the platform on your hosting or server
8 Server software installation and configuration
9 Finding out and, if necessary, eliminating the reasons if something on the site "does not work"

Table 2 - volume expressed in working hours for standard Docpart technical support services and custom modifications

Work type Value, working hours
1 Analytics connection 0,35
2 Debugging a connection to a supplier's API (a supplier from our list) if you can't connect it 0,35
3 Work on connecting of a third-party auto parts catalog 1
4 Help with uploading price lists in Excel format (if you tried it yourself and "something not working") 0,5
5 Connecting a third-party online chat on the site 0,35
6 Custom design integration (HTML/CSS) 12 - 15
7 API connection of an auto parts supplier - NOT from our list (i.e. connection of a new supplier) 1,5
8 Creating a feedback form on the site 1 – 1,5
9 Design local changes 1 – 3
10 Connecting a new payment system on the site (Internet acquiring) if it is NOT from our list 3,5
11 Reinstalling the Docpart Platform or migrating to another server 2,5
12 Connecting an online cash register to a website via a web protocol 3,5

Working hour rate: $ 35

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