Prices for creating of auto parts online store

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Ready-to-work online store of auto parts

By purchasing Docpart user license, you get a fully functioning and customized online store website specially made for auto parts selling.

We solve any technical issues

You don't have to solve any technical issues

We install Docpart on a high-quality certified hosting and set up all systems. You just have to use: connect suppliers, upload your price lists and take orders. If you already have your own hosting, it can be used!

Standard Docpart package What features does it provide? Packages options The main functions are shown in the table. See the link below for a more detailed description of the package. Deploying of online auto parts store in 1 day
Standard Docpart package 499perpetual user license
Goods on the site
Your suppliers by API (the most popular feature in online auto parts stores)
Uploading of Excel price lists (xls, xlsx, csv, txt)
Scheduled uploading of price lists by E-mail
Scheduled uploading of price lists by URL (web link)
Scheduled uploading of price lists by FTP
Searching for products on the site
By OEM, part number or article
By catalogs
Your own API
Docpart auto parts cross reference (more than 130 million records)
Creating of your own crosses reference
Customers financial accounts
Online payments (Acquiring)
Sales receipts printing
Accounting documents printing
E-mail notifications
SMS notifications
Purchase history
Product search statistics
Orders editing by the seller
Cars parts catalogs
Your own catalog
Mobile app DocpartMobile
Shared mobile application (for free)
Other features
Export of products to XML/JSON
Goods uploading to market places
Advertising slider on homepage
Garage module
Theme choosing
Sending of price lists
Price lists downloading
Delivery widgets


What is included in 499

We are developing a website for your online auto parts store. As a result, you have a ready-to-use online store. There will be a client part, i.e. the online store itself, which your customers will visit, register, search for products, create orders, pay for orders and track their status. There will also be an administrative part through which you will manage the entire process: process incoming orders, manage the connection of warehouses and suppliers, edit website content, etc.

Docpart will be used as the basis of the site. It already contains the functions described above.

In addition to the functionality described above, THIS PRICE ALSO INCLUDES:

  • Docpart perpetual user license
  • Help with choosing a hosting (VDS, cloud, webhosting) and registering it (if you don’t have your own hosting yet)
  • Work on setting up a hosting and installing Docpart on the hosting (at this step the website is ready to work, i.e. its client and administrative parts are available)
  • Work on connecting your suppliers via API (price includes up to 10 suppliers)
  • Work on connecting your bank to accept payments through the website
  • Work on connecting an SMS operator for SMS notifications of sellers and customers regarding store events
  • Work on connecting widgets of transport companies and delivery services (price includes up to 3 transport companies)
  • Work on customizing the design (uploading a logo, adapting the color scheme to the brand)
  • Work on adapting the site to the requirements of local law
  • Work on adding one additional language to the site (machine translation of all text strings of the site)


  • Server setup and Docpart installation takes 1 business day
  • After this, we will be ready to connect third-party services (suppliers, banks, transport companies, etc.). We complete our tasks quickly. For example, connecting a new bank or supplier via API takes from 1 to 3 business days. Then everything depends on how quickly the specialists on their side react

More details on translation (adding new languages)

The Docpart architecture allows the site to work in one or more languages. In its original form, English is available.

The cost specified above also includes adding one additional language of your choice. Most of our clients want to have a website in two languages: their local one and English. If you want, we can make a website in one language or several.

Docpart in its original form contains about 6000 text lines of various sizes. The translation is carried out by machine (using a neural network). This ensures translation accuracy is close to 100%. If during the operation of the site, some text strings require additional adjustments, this can be done easily through the site panel. There is a convenient text string editor.

Docpart trial period

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for free Docpart testing.

Docpart News

June 14, 2024

Improved order items page

The page for product items of orders in the control panel of the online auto parts stores powered by Docpart has been improved

May 10, 2024

Improved user management

The user management module in the Docpart platform has been improved

March 15, 2024

Online auto parts store demo version now available

Online auto parts store demo version and Docpart package for trial using now available