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Ready-to-work online store of auto parts

By purchasing one of the users licenses of the Docpart platform, you get a fully functioning and customized online store website specially made for auto parts selling.

We solve any technical issues

You don't have to solve any technical issues

We install the platform for free on a high-quality certified hosting and set up all systems. You just have to use: connect suppliers, upload your price lists and take orders.

Choose your Docpart package What features does it provide? Packages options The main functions are shown in the table. See the links below for a more detailed description of the packages. Deploying of auto parts online store in 1 day
Base 299perpetual license Standard 499perpetual license Wholesaler 899perpetual license
Goods on the site
Your suppliers by API
Uploading of Excel price lists
Cron (automatic) uploading of price lists by FTP
Cron (automatic) uploading of price lists by E-mail
Desktop app for price lists uploading
Searching for products on the site
By OEM or article
By catalogs
Your own API
Docpart auto parts cross reference (more than 130 miilion records) Optional
Creating of your own crosses reference
Customers financial accounts
Online payments (Acquiring)
Sales receipts printing
Accounting documents printing
E-mail notifications
SMS notifications
Purchase history
Product search statistics
Franchise module
Orders editing by the seller
Cars parts catalogs
Your own catalog
Ucats Maintenance catalog
Ucats Oil and autochemistry
Ucats Tyres
Ucats Wheel disks
Ucats Wheel covers
Ucats Nuts and bolts
Ucats Batteries
Ucats Car accessories
Mobile app DocpartMobile
Shared mobile application (for free) Optional
App with your Brand Optional Optional Optional
Other features
Export of products to XML/JSON
Goods uploading to market places
Advertising slider on homepage Optional
Desktop app AST Pages Maker Optional Optional Optional
Garage module
Accounting programs integration Optional Optional Optional
Cash register connecting Optional Optional Optional
Theme choosing
Sending of price lists
Price lists downloading
Delivery widgets Optional
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How do packages differ from each other, in a nutshell

See the columns above for details. If the checkbox next to the corresponding option is checked, it means
that such an option is in the package.

Are you at a loss to decide on a package? In general terms, the key features of each package can be described as follows:

Base package

Only price lists in Excel format (xls, xlsx, csv, txt) can be uploaded to your website.

Standard package

It contains all the functions of the Base package, and in addition to them, it allows you to connect your auto parts suppliers via API, which is much more convenient. This is the most popular package of our platform - suitable for most enterprises, even if you have several selling points working under the same entity. In addition, the Standard package supports automatic import of price lists, supports including of all Ucats catalogs for free, documents printing, and a number of other functions that are not available in the Base package.

Wholesaler package

Contains all the functions of the Standard package. By the way Standard package allows you to connect your suppliers to your website via the API, but the Wholesaler package allows you to be a supplier by youself for other websites using the "Your own API" function. And, the Wholesaler package supports the Franchise module allowing several organizations (different LLCs and individual entrepreneurs) to work through the same website.

Docpart trial period

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Docpart News

September 29, 2023

Editing of auto parts crosses

Auto parts crosses editing function has been added to the Docpart platform

September 22, 2023

Delivery methods for auto parts

New delivery methods are available in the Docpart platform for online auto parts stores

September 15, 2023

The catalog of auto parts has been improved

The built-in catalog of the online auto parts stores is optimized for large amounts of data