Docpart standard package features

This page provides a more detailed list of features and functions of Docpart standard package for online auto parts stores. The Docpart user license is perpetual and is paid once and forever.

The functions presented on this page are described in detail on our website, but here we decided to list them all in a row so that you don’t have to search for a long time:

  • Installing Docpart on your hosting (i.e. all scripts and the database are under your control)
  • Connecting auto parts suppliers via API (API pricing is the most popular function of online auto parts stores)
  • Sending orders to your suppliers via API (implemented for some of the most technically advanced suppliers)
  • Uploading price lists in Excel format via the site panel
  • Uploading price lists in Excel format from the supplier's FTP server
  • Uploading price lists in Excel format from E-mail (when suppliers send price lists to your email)
  • Automatic update of price lists on a schedule
  • Search for spare parts by article
  • Search for auto parts by name (using the built-in product catalog)
  • Ability to connect third-party paid catalogs to select auto parts by VIN or through car selection
  • Cross database for selecting analogue auto parts (more than 130 million entries)
  • Module for your own database of crosses (with its help you can, for example, create and edit crosses for rare auto parts that are not in public databases)
  • Customer’s financial balance (customers can deposit money on your website and spend it on future orders)
  • Payment on the website. For this purpose, banks, payment aggregators, and electronic wallets are connected. The most popular banks are available for connection.
  • Print sales receipt
  • Print an invoice for payment for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities
  • E-mail notifications for sellers and customers on the site for various events (creation of a new order, payment, status change, etc.)
  • SMS notifications for sellers and buyers on the website for various events (creation of a new order, payment, status change, etc.)
  • Setting up E-mail and SMS notifications (message texts, enabling and disabling notifications for certain events are configured. For example, you can turn on E-mail notification for some event, but turn off SMS, etc.)
  • Full-featured site control panel
  • Order management from the seller (order filter by all order criteria - product, customer, status, time interval, revenue, purchase, profit indicators)
  • Module for setting up markups (Markups are set up for points of issue, suppliers, group of buyers (retail, wholesale, etc.), range of purchase prices. That is, you can make different markups depending on the original price of the product.)
  • Statistics module for product searches on the site.
  • Function for editing orders by the seller.
  • Partial payment function for orders. Allows you to keep track of which order, how much was paid and how much the customer owes.
  • Built-in engine for creating your own catalog of auto parts with adaptation to auto parts. You can link each product in stock to one or more cars.
  • Import/export of a built-in product catalog in XML/JSON format (the function is needed for integration with third-party programs)
  • Advertising banner-slider on the main page of the site
  • Garage function (customers on your website can create their own cars and then quickly find spare parts for them)
  • Notepad function (customers can write down suitable spare parts for their car so that they don’t have to look for their numbers again later. This is necessary, for example, if the client periodically buys consumables for his car - pads, spark plugs, filters, etc.)
  • Website design to choose from (several pre-installed templates are available, each of which can be customized by color scheme, fully responsive to mobile devices)
  • Function for sending price lists
  • Function for downloading price lists from your website
  • Transport company modules (customers can select a transport company when placing an order and specify the terminal where to deliver the order)
  • Basic SEO features
  • Purchase function without registration (with the ability to disable it)
  • Simultaneous use of E-mail and telephone for client registration
  • Auxiliary function for setting up the connection of E-mail and SMS operators
  • Setting up an overdraft for buyers
  • The function of setting prices in your price list (the function of accelerating the sale of illiquid assets at maximum prices)
  • Price rounding function (discard the penny part, up to 5, up to 10)
  • Connecting price lists and suppliers in currency (prices are converted into the site currency at the stage of display to the client)
  • Function for debugging connections to suppliers via API (for example, if you specified the wrong password, the function will tell you the reason why there is no connection to the supplier)
  • Module for displaying special offers on the main page of the site with the function of adding to cart
  • Module of related products (for example, a client opened a page with motor oil, and the site will show him an oil filter below as a related product)
  • Creation of modules for selecting goods by car (tires by car, wheels by car, oils by car, etc.). The function is provided using a special search mechanism, which refers to the catalog of its availability.
  • City selection module
  • Creation of an unlimited number of distribution points (shops) on the site
  • Creating your own list of statuses for orders
  • Financial module for maintaining personal accounts of customers (like in a bank)
  • Setting up your own exchange rates (used if some suppliers send price lists in foreign currencies)
  • Manufacturer synonym module (used to "glue together" different designations of the same manufacturer)
  • Search tab module on the main page (search tabs)
  • Module for creating and editing website text pages (does not require programming skills)
  • Module "Texts for URL" (used to add texts and edit SEO of any site pages, including those that are not of text type, which are outputed by scripts)
  • Sitemap.xml file generation module (generates a sitemap file for accelerated site indexing by search engines)
  • File manager (allows you to upload any files to the site, such as pictures, pdf, etc. - so that visitors can then download them)
  • Menu control module (allows you to create and edit site menu items)
  • Creation of an unlimited number of user groups with different rights to view pages, different markups, etc. (administrators, salespeople, storekeepers, content managers, retail buyers, wholesale buyers, etc.)
  • Creation of an unlimited number of account types (individuals, individual entrepreneurs, LLCs, car services, etc.)
  • Setting up a list of data for users (full name, telephone, E-mail, address, Taxpayer Identification Number, company name, etc.). For each account type, you can specify a separate set of data.
  • Breadcrumb module
  • News feed
  • Configuring pages for errors 404 (page not found) and 403 (access denied)
  • Automatic configuration of a secure HTTPS connection during Docpart installation (an SSL certificate must be installed on the hosting)
  • Your own API which allows you to broadcast your warehouse stock data to other online auto parts stores (you are like wholesaler)

The list may not be complete. Didn't find the function you're interested in? Find out about its availability from our specialist. Contacts are at the bottom of this page.

Docpart News

June 14, 2024

Improved order items page

The page for product items of orders in the control panel of the online auto parts stores powered by Docpart has been improved

May 10, 2024

Improved user management

The user management module in the Docpart platform has been improved

March 15, 2024

Online auto parts store demo version now available

Online auto parts store demo version and Docpart package for trial using now available