Improved order items page

June 14, 2024

Often, in online auto parts stores, customers order several product items at the same time, for example, an oil filter and engine oil. Thus, items purchased at the same time belong to the same customer order.

In the control panel of the Docpart platform, two main order processing tools have been created for sellers:

  • "Orders" page (it displays a list of orders, when clicked on, a separate order page opens with information about the buyer and the goods he ordered)
  • "Order Items" page (it displays a list of product items of all orders with all the necessary information for execution)

Both of these pages allow you to process your customers' orders. Which of these pages to use is up to each seller to decide for himself.

Why these two pages?
It so happens that these two approaches to order processing are the most convenient and in demand among sellers. And, we are trying to develop our platform, guided precisely by the wishes of our users.

Today, we inform you that "Order Items" page has been improved.

On the Order Items page:

  • added total indicators for revenue and profit for all product items of all orders in the selected time range and for certain filters (buyer, supplier, product range, etc.)
  • added search for product items by supplier
  • improved search for product items by buyer
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