Try for free

You can try Docpart for free by downloading installation package and installing it to your hosting (VDS or web hosting). You are provided Docpart trial users license for 2 weeks. After the trial license expired you should decide or to buy a perpetual users license and go on using Docpart or remove Docpart from your hosting. Please, carefully read information on this page before starting trial using.

Note! Right after you bought a Docpart perpetual users license, we may deploy Docpart on your hosting. This service is provided to you for free. But if you want to try Docpart before buying users license, then you have to install Docpart to your hosting by yourself. Step-by-step instruction is available below. If you have any problem during deploying process, fill free to ask us.

How try for free step by step

1. Download Docpart installation package and trial license file

Link to download Docpart and trial license will be sent to your E-mail. It will take less then 1 minute.

2. Install Docpart to your hosting

To install Docpart as well as any other well known CMS you need to have a hosting (VDS or web hosting). System requirements: Ubuntu or Debian or Centos, Apache, PHP 5.4-7.4, MySQL, Python 3.6 or higher, dual-core CPU 2 GHz or higher, 1Gb RAM, 10Gb SSD or NVMe.

You have installed Docpart and uploaded trial license file? It means that you have ready-to-work online auto parts store. If to compare it with those stores that are deployed by us for our customers who already bought perpetual license, they are almost the same. Everything that makes them different is expiration period. Perpetual licenses have no expiration period but trial ones do.

3. Try and decide

Right after you have got a trial license you have 2 weeks to try Docpart and to test its all the functions, to find out its all features. And you even can start preparing your store to work, to connect your suppliers, to upload your price lists, to fill in your contacts and so on.

After the 2 weeks expired you should make a decision. If Docpart is match to your purposes then you need to buy a perpetual license and go on using Docpart. All setting and content that have been done by you during trial period remains on your store.

But if after trial period it's appears that Docpart does not match to you then just remove it from your hosting.

Having trouble installing Docpart yourself?

What to do if you cannot deploy a website on hosting and install Docpart by yourself? It's not a problem. Before purchasing Docpart, you can try the functionality of your future online auto parts store using the example of our already deployed demo version.

When you buy the Docpart perpetual user license, we will install everything ourselves and give you a ready-to-use online auto parts store. Read more.

Docpart News

May 10, 2024

Improved user management

The user management module in the Docpart platform has been improved

March 15, 2024

Online auto parts store demo version now available

Online auto parts store demo version and Docpart package for trial using now available

February 23, 2024

The markup for the API of auto parts suppliers has been improved

The Docpart platform has updated the algorithm for assigning markups to the API of auto parts suppliers