Auto parts suppliers API connecting

What for to connect auto parts suppliers by API to online stores

It is not recommended to keep a large range of items in stock at an auto parts retail store, because there is a risk that these items will not in demand too long time. Therefore, it is better to keep in stock the most popular spare parts, selling most of goods on order taking an advance a payment from the client and then reordering the desired products from suppliers, earning on the price difference. This is how most retail auto parts stores operate. That is why, our platform allows you to connect not only the availability of auto parts in your store, but also the availability of your wholesale suppliers. Thus, both your goods and goods pulled from suppliers are displayed on your site. Of course, your customers don't see information about the supplier on the page of your site and they order the goods through you. Connecting of suppliers to your site is done using API. When setting up the connection, for each supplier you specify the markup and additional delivery time, so that your customer will immediately see his price and the time, taking into account the delivery from the supplier to your store.

Automatic orders to suppliers of auto parts

Most of auto parts suppliers using API allow you to not only search for products and prices, but also place orders through their API. The Docpart platform allows you to make orders to your suppliers directly from your website control panel.

Your customer on your site can see the products that are pulled through the suppliers API. The customer places an order on your website. Then, you, as a seller, open this order in the control panel of your site for further processing. In the order card you can see which supplier the ordered item corresponds to. Then, you can order this item from the supplier with the click of a button, so that you do not have to waste time searching for the position on the supplier website.

Supplier differences in automatic ordering. Each supplier has a different way of placing orders. Different suppliers have different sets of order statuses and different lists of available API-commands.

Therefore, the Docpart platform contains a feature that allows you to unify the API of different suppliers so that orders to different suppliers can be managed in the one control panel of your online store. You do not have to delve into the peculiarities of the order to a particular supplier. Our platform itself understands the status of the order and provides you with a set of available actions (buttons), taking into account a specific supplier.

Docpart News

June 14, 2024

Improved order items page

The page for product items of orders in the control panel of the online auto parts stores powered by Docpart has been improved

May 10, 2024

Improved user management

The user management module in the Docpart platform has been improved

March 15, 2024

Online auto parts store demo version now available

Online auto parts store demo version and Docpart package for trial using now available