Features of the Docpart platform

Third party auto parts catalogs

Various auto parts catalogs can be connected to the platform - Levam, Laximo, AutoXp, CatCar, etc. Your customers can search for spare parts both through the search bar by OEM and through an automated catalog, moving from a car to a specific constructive node.

Platform for auto parts store with multiple languages

Platform for auto parts store Docpart supports full multilanguage mode. This means that your website powered by Docpart platform can work simultaneously in several languages you need, i.e. providing your customer to choose the language. This is a very useful feature, because in many countries people speak two languages. It is also quite common to make websites in two languages, in the national language, and in English. Our platform fully supports this feature. Currently supported languages in Docpart are: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

Didn't find the language you need in this list? It's not a problem at all. A new language can be added easily. To do this, we have a special function - the translation editor allowing you adding of translation into any language you need in the shortest time.

Your own auto parts catalog

Our platform allows you to create your own auto parts catalog. You can create catalogs divided into product categories with an unlimited hierarchy (categories and subcategories). For each category of goods you can define your own set of properties (for example, for tires: width, diameter, etc.). It will be much easier for your customer to find the needed product by filtering all your offers by the properties.

API of your suppliers

Many of auto parts wholesalers provide the services to retrieve their inventory through a technical web interface (API). Our platform allows you to connect such suppliers and display your customer needed product for the price with your extra charge.

Auto parts analogs by crosses lists

The platform allows your customers to see auto parts analogs while desired part is searched thus providing your customer a choice to buy expensive desired part or to buy an analog which is may be cheaper. Docpart can search analogs by itself and by third-party sources, for example, by auto parts suppliers or catalogs. The CMS provides free API for analogs searching, which constantly updated thanks to manufacturers and wholesalers sending us their cross-lists.

Auto parts Excel price lists uploading and automatic updating by E-mail and FTP

Some suppliers of auto parts provide their data of stock existing via Excel price lists. Our platform allows you to upload such files and to add your price markups. You can do it in manual mode and also our platform can do it in automatic mode pulling price lists from your E-mail or FTP-server of your supplier. And you can specify the timetable of such process. Thus you can not to spend you time to manual routine work.

By Excel auto parts price lists you also can upload your own stock availability.

Docpart News

June 14, 2024

Improved order items page

The page for product items of orders in the control panel of the online auto parts stores powered by Docpart has been improved

May 10, 2024

Improved user management

The user management module in the Docpart platform has been improved

March 15, 2024

Online auto parts store demo version now available

Online auto parts store demo version and Docpart package for trial using now available