Setting up a table of found auto parts

March 17, 2023

We are continuously working on the development of the Docpart platform. Now you can customize the output table of found auto parts. In the control panel, you can choose one of the proposed settings:

  • grouping of goods
  • end-to-end sorting of goods
  • at the choice of the customer

Description of table display methods

1. Grouping of auto parts by article and manufacturer

This display method provides double sorting: first-level sorting by fields such as article, manufacturer and name of auto part. And sorting of the second level - by fields: price, delivery time and available quantity in stock. In this case, the sorting of the second level occurs within one group of auto parts, i.e. goods with the same manufacturer and article.

2. End-to-end sorting of goods

In this case, all auto parts are displayed in the form of a single table, which provides end-to-end sorting by all fields. This display method is most relevant if the customer needs, for example, to find a product with the lowest price, regardless of the manufacturer and article.

3. Sorting method at the choice of the customer

With this option, a selector is displayed to the customer to select the table format. And he can choose the most appropriate way to display it.

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