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February 9, 2024

We see how popular the trade in auto parts is today. From year to year it is only gaining momentum. This is understandable - there are more and more cars, but, as before, unfortunately, they can break down. But even a serviceable car needs to be serviced periodically - changing spark plugs, brake pads, engine oil, etc. And, therefore, auto parts will always be needed.

We have no doubt that our platform will be in demand in the market in the future. That is why we are continuously developing it so that its functional characteristics meet all modern requirements of the auto parts market. And, it is worth noting, we succeed in doing this.

And today we inform you about another update to Docpart. We have made changes to the order management page in the control panel of the online auto parts store.

Now it will be much more convenient for you (or your seller) to work with your customers orders:

- added full-text search for buyers. Unlike the previous option, orders can now be searched not only by a specific customer number, but also by any match in fields such as last name, first name, phone number, etc.
- added a more informative display of customer data in the orders table. Now, it is not necessary to enter the order card to see the buyer contact information.
- the display of total indicators for orders taking into account the filter (amount, profit, etc.) has been refined and improved

We can say with confidence that we will not stop there and will continue at the same pace!

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