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August 11, 2023

Creating regular pages with static content (texts, pictures, headings, descriptions, etc.) is the most important feature of any online auto parts store, because in this way you can effectively give your customers complete information about your company.

Until now, the tree-like page editor, although it allows you to very quickly and visually create the site structure and fill it with content, is nevertheless a non-standard approach. Many had to get used to it, especially those who are used to working with other well-known CMS.

Therefore, we added another tool - the classic editor - so that Docpart users who are used to working in the classic page creation format (when the pages in the control panel are displayed as a table with the ability to search and sort by different columns) would not have to relearn unfamiliar tools.

Now both tools are available to you - our tree-like editor and the usual classic one. You can use both, depending on the current task.

In our opinion, it is convenient to plan the entire structure of the site pages with a tree-like editor. And the classic editor is convenient to create new pages separately.

Thus, the platform for the online auto parts store Docpart has become even more convenient and functional.

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