Auto parts price lists

July 14, 2023

Our platform, in addition to connecting API of auto parts suppliers, also allows you to work with price lists in Excel format in the following ways:

  • manual loading
  • automatic loading from E-mail, FTP and URL

Such price lists are provided by some wholesale suppliers of auto parts, or downloaded from their accounting and warehouse programs.

We, as always, do not rest on our laurels and continue to constantly develop our product - the Docpart platform. And now we have improved the work with price lists.

Price list updates

Work speed

The data scheme for storing price lists on the site has been modernized, which has significantly increased the speed of searching for goods. Now this speed does not depend on the number of price lists and the amount of records in them. Thus, now you can safely load an unlimited price list and not think about how long it will take to search for auto parts from it. We tested the work on 20 million items in one price list file. In practice, such large ones do not even occur.

Functions for the manager

The work of setting up and loading price lists by the manager has become easier and more convenient.

New feature

Some suppliers may send several files at once in one letter, each of which may contain separate warehouses of the supplier and, accordingly, different conditions for delivery times. Therefore, we have added an additional option "Substring in the file name", which, when automatically downloading price lists from E-mail and FTP, allows you to filter files and assign different markups and delivery times for each file.

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