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August 4, 2023

The Docpart platform, in addition to the basic capabilities for auto parts trading (supplier API, spare parts catalogs, etc.), provides another powerful tool - an engine for creating your own product catalog.

This tool allows you to create a usable product catalog that is very convenient for your customers to use and that is highly adapted for SEO, which is extremely important for promoting your online auto parts store.

And, as always, we do not stop there and continue to develop our platform. And this time we have added a new interesting feature to the built-in catalog engine - product options.

Imagine that you have in your store a product "Windshield for BMW 5 Series 2010" in two versions - with heating and without heating.
Previously, in our platform, these would have been two different, unrelated products.
Now, these products can be linked so that one product is a variant of the other. Thus the buyer, being on the product page "Windshield for the BMW 5 series 2010 with heating" will see a mark that there is such product with a different option - "Without heating" - and will be able to go to its page.

At the same time, depending on the option, you can easily change the price and quantity of goods in stock.

Thus, it will become easier and faster for your buyer to find exactly the product that he is ready to buy.

The capabilities of the built-in engine for creating your own product catalog already make the Docpart platform a complete system for a classic online store.

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